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System of engine lubrication is the «vascular system» of car. Oil moves in the engine like blood in the human body, and discharge very significant functions, such as decreasing of force of friction and thermo exchanging between details.

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System of engine lubrication consists of:

  • Oil pan
  • Oil pump
  • Filter
  • Heat sink
  • Systems of connecting trunks and pipes.

Oil pan plays the role of savior and receiver of the oil. That’s why we need to fill up and to drain the oil there. In order to control the level of oil in the pan we use focusing prod, which has marks of maximal and minimal level of oil. System of engine lubrication contains 3.5-7.5 liters of oil, it depends on the car. Saving of normal level of oil is necessary for good and safety engine work.

From the pump, oil goes to the outside of the oil filter.

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oil filter

The filter refines the oil from scale, tars and varnish products, which appears as the result of oil combustion process. Filter also protects the engine from ingress of dirt particles and sand.

Radiator cools down the oil with the help of fluid stream from the coolant system.

The oil is sprayed by parts of crank and valve train mechanism, than it turns into the fog and accumulates uniformly on all details of the engine, lubricating them.

Engine lubrication system is an effective instrument to reduce the friction

Finally, the oil comes back to the engine pan thanks to the gravitational force. Than this process happen again.

System of engine lubrication effectively reduces the force of friction. Frictional force disturbs the moving of crank's details, gas-distributing mechanism and cylinder-piston group. Engine loses more power when the frictional force increases. System of engine lubrication was invented in order to decrease the frictional force. Heavy crude oil needs more energy for work of details. Also this oil cannot reach some parts of engine, where it is needed. It leads to decreasing of engine's operating life. This engine needs more fuel, so you will forget about the economy. In the meantime, using of very thin oil causes damage of contacting pairs. So, you should choose the oil carefully. It is necessary to get the advice of specialist, will your engine "be glad" to the other oil. Also you can ask the specialist about the additive RESURS.

It is necessary to make the oil change regularly. Characteristics of oil depend on its viscosity. Viscosity of oil changes under outward influence: oxidation and dirtying. Therefore it wouldn't go amiss to protect engine details, which are proned to deterioration, from the destruction.

Using of engine metal restorer allows to create covering layer on walls of piston and cylinder, which helps to decrease the deterioration and recovers the surface area of friction.

Engine Restorer RESURS consists of nanoparticles of the alloy of copper, tin and silver, is poured into the engine oil system. The particles activate in areas of friction under high temperature and pressure and fill micro damages metal surface of the engine. The layer formed by RESURS has a porous structure that is like a sponge holds the oil in the area of friction parts, preventing further deterioration.

To change or not to change: that is the question.

From day to day the oil loses its properties, becomes thick or deliquates, becomes polluted. Sure, it is not good for car engine. How can you understand the oil needs to be changed? There is one popular method, called "drop-test", which has scientific evidence. So you need to take white paper for this test. Pull out dipstick, bring one drop on the paper and allow it soak in. Look at the figure.



You should draw your attention on the center of the figure and its surroundings. Small and dark stain bears the evidence of critical state of oil. It tells us about total loss of oil characteristics. So you should immediately change the oil.

Light stain tells that the oil is fresh and you do not need to change it. You can continue to use it withot worries.

Dark medium seized stain with dark border tells about the presence of mechanical impurities, insoluble or less insoluble compounds. This oil should be changed.

Existence of mechanical impurities is an evidence of change of characteristics. That main characteristic of oil is its viscosity. Fuel consumption, temperature of oil, wear rate depends on oil viscosity. So you should not economize on the oil and change it rarely.

Using of additives stabilizes the engine work for not long period of time, but in spite of that you should regularly change the oil.

Vehicle is the complex of interconnected systems..

All details are interconnected and aimed to solve one main problem- deliver your body as soon as possible from one point to another. So you should take care of your car in order to enjoy the moving. Make regular servicing at Auto Centres, change the oil at a given time (or use the "drop-test" to see the quality of the oil) and use complementary tool, facilitating engine work, one of these tools is RESURS.

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