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Cómo «luchaba» y «moría» el aceite de motor

Este tema se refiere a la calidad de los actuales lubricantes para motores y a lo que ocurre durante su período en uso, lo que debe ser importante...

Help to boring tunnels on the green continent

At the end of December 2014 company «SMAZKA.RU», a part of VMPAUTO started to supply sealing grease MC 1330 to Australia.

«VMPAUTO» announces an invention — innovative grease for tripod cv-joints.

This unique tripod cv-joints grease has many advantages and will appear in the market under the label of «VMPAUTO» for the first time in January of 2015.

RESURS — new hero of Mexico

Team of VMPAUTO came back from Mexico, where took part in 2 large-scale events - Amecameca autoshow» и «EXPO Mecanico Automotriz» at the same time. Also our team had meetings with owners of sales outlets for communication of experience and took part in the Scientific Conference for those who are interested in new technologies in the field of tribology.